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Don’t Let Your Hair Wear You!

This holiday season stand out from the crowd in a good way. Get the right color and style so all those selfies and instagram posts and snaps have jaws dropping for the better.

Both men and women are going for the “natural/underdone” look this year. But natural doesn’t mean less work, in fact it typically requires much more.

The “Natural Women”

Hairstylist Philadelphia, PaWoman who want the “natural” or “beach blonde” hair, need to focus on becoming a multidimensional blonde. Lighter
isn’t always better. To be a true natural blonde weave high and low lights of tea, caramel and taffy shades to your base color.

Each strand of hair is a different shade, combined together with light to create your hair color. If your entire head is one color, it’s not going to frame your face well. When you’re photographed this way, especially with a flash, it creates a bulls-eye effect around your face.

Instead you want to create a gradual permitter, that doesn’t overpower your face, but is an accent. And frame

The Grey Man Needs…

For a man going for a mature grey haired look, you have to add dimension, if not you’ll end up looking like a q-tip. Add some contrast and shading to make hair seem more vibrant. Great depth and layers by heightening slate and stone tones.

These “natural” and “younger” looks require time and commitment, but it is possible this busy holiday season.

Check out some tips for stylist and clients.

Tips for Clients:

You should have a list ahead of time about your expectations.
Get all your questions answered when you come to the salon and meet your stylist.
If you don’t feel like your questions are being answered you’re at the wrong salon.
If you feel like you’re in an automatic car wash, leave.
Your color and cut should have longevity, not just look good the day you leave the salon.
Care for your hair, get the right at home products. It doesn’t mean you have to have salon products or speed a lot of money.
Understand why a stylist is recommending a product and what results to expect.
If you aren’t getting the desired results, it’s time to look for another product or stylist.
Build trust with your stylist.

Tips for Stylists:

Communicate to your client, they’re coming to you to get a need fulfilled, make sure you satisfy them.
Focus on the cut, a good haircut will practically dry itself into fashion.
Put the work into creating a better foundation.
Don’t over finish the hair with excess product. (Less hair spray, less curling)
Keep the integrity of your client’s hair, healthy and shiny.
The key is quality color, not frequency.
Make sure you outline enough time.
Don’t rush the process, give the style cut and color the time needed to be done properly.
Educate your client on the allocated time you need to create a quality product.
Do not use the same formula or techniques each week or month.
Look at returning clients as if you’re seeing their hair for the first time.
Don’t be afraid to look at your client with fresh eyes.