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Whats going on in the industry with hair color? Everywhere we look we’re bombarded with images of intense hair colors and wacky dye jobs. Why? What’s the reasoning? Most women that step into the salon don’t want these abfab vivid looks. They want a hair color and cut that isn’t a disposable accessory.

This being said, many consumers are having extreme colors like blue, green and pink being sold to them from manufactures. Open any editorial beauty magazine or social media page and you’ll see an array of vivid dye jobs.

I understand many of these ads are meant to shock and push the limits of what these products can do, but that doesn’t always translate to our chic and savvy clients.

The cost to get someone to one of these off the chart colors doesn’t transfer to the people who are willing to pay or maintain them.

I’m not against these “flavor of the minute” colors, they have a place in the hair industry. Maybe you want it for a month or two to get the “beach party look” or for a fun concert.