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My goal when coloring is to focus on creating a look for each client. Many people in the industry have customers, I have clients. It’s not just about what’s in, but more about making a look fit each individual. I want my clients to look great, but also feel the way they look. Hair cutting and coloring is about detail, dimension and creating shapes, which best enhance and compliment the individual man or women.

By using the best products for each coloring and cutting situation, you’ll get the highest quality results and prevent yourself from being railroaded into one product.

Integrity of the hair should be at the forefront of the coloring process. It’s crucial to keep acid and alkaline as separate processes, our job isn’t to give a chemical haircut,when things awry!

My vision is to deliver the optimal look to each client. I bring runway and fashion experience to clients keeping them ahead of the pulse.

Many stylist are, locked behind the chair,making them lack exposure and creativity.
I draw inspiration from the world around me, while keeping mind of past, present and future trends.

I want my clients hair to be their best fashion accessory and wear a look that’s truly part of them. The style and colors should be worn by the person not the other way around.

The best gift is cultivating a client’s look, while instilling them confidence.