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Sun kissed highlights and wavy flowing beachy curls. You too can have the, just stepped off the beach look,that runway models gracefully display.


Make sure to manage the growth of new hair with already colored hair. We want to frame and accentuate previous highlights. A little root in the summertime is always sexy!

One note on hair health, since everyone’s hair type is different it’s important to determine your hair type and distinguish alkaline or acidic, and then choose an appropriate product based on your hair type. This will help show off your highlights as well as keep your hair looking healthy all summer long!

Beach Waves

Now let’s get to business on how to style your hair into those thick, curly waving locks that will have you radiating effortless beauty.

Hair Prep: You want to start with clean, dry, and untangled hair. Make sure your hair has a good grip, silky smooth hair will probably give you a challenge so spray a little product that gives your hair something to work with. You can part your hair wherever you’d like but make sure your face is the main focus.

Curl the Waves: Choose a triangular section that starts at your part and with the wand in your right hand (at the same angle as your nose) wrap hair section around the iron to the tips of your hair making sure to keep your hair flat on the iron.

By curling away from the face, will let your cheekbones take the spotlight and open up your face. The size of the section of hair is up to you but important because it’s the part that frames your face.

Summer Heat: The technique you use to heat your hair will make a difference in how long your wave holds up. Wrapping the hair in a ribbon pattern on the wand is best and heat for about 5-7 seconds or until you can feel the heat through your hair. Slide your wand out and let the curl cool.

Gentle Rolling Waves:The key is waiting until the curls are completely cool. Gently stretch out each curl using a wide toothed comb. Then using a paddle brush, ideal for smoothing your curls, brush away! Your waves will bounce up with ease. The more you brush the better your wave will fall.
Using your favorite anti-humidity and hold spray will finish your look. For extra definition slightly tilt your head and spray underneath your hair.

Feel free to play around with these basic steps and create your own fabulous version of this fuss-free gorgeous look.