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The Mac Pro to Pro event was an amazing evening, a beautifully imaginative display showcasing the talent and precision of the Mac artists. Hosted by Mao PR (Mao Padilla) held at the Industria Superstudio on April 13th, 2015 every detail of the event was exquisite.
From the beautiful art displays to spectacular guest list this celebration of the Pro Division of Mac Cosmetics was a success.

alan2I had the privilege of sharing champagne and snapping a picture with the amazing, timeless Halston model Alva Chin.

Great conversation with the another legendary Halston model Karen Bjornson MacDonald and acclaimed hairstylist Harry King. King does runway, fashion and editorial work and works on 1on1 with celebrities and on runway shows with Dior, Chanel, Maybelline and more all throughout the year.

Traded some tricks of the trade with hair stylist Maury Hopson and partied the night away with famous event producer, Susanne Bartsch.

The main attraction of the night was by far Michelle Clark’s Body Painting exhibit. Live naked models were displayed as the center attraction of the venue, painted from head to toe in a myriad of geometric patterns and brilliant colors. The painting process took 8-10 hours for each model with 3-6 people helping to create one final product! Absolutely exquisite; bold colors and high quality products. The paint was a combination of mac products – acrylic, chromcake and airbrush. What impressed me most was the durability under the bright lighting – none of the paint was sweated out by the models but lasted throughout the night because of the intense layering process. What an amazing experience.

Last but not least, I want to take a second to honor the late Bill Cunningham, one of the guests in attendance at the Mac event. An extremely talented, renowned American fashion photographer for the New York Times, Mr. Cunningham was admired and respected for his amazing photography of the streets of New York. He will be deeply missed in the fashion industry and throughout all of New York.