Who is Alan?

Alan Gold’s hair coloring and cutting techniques have garnered editorial credits with high end clientele, TV anchors and industry professionals.

His time is divided between personal salon clients, mentoring assistants and editorial shoots in the US and Europe.

He’s contributed to blogs and top periodicals like, Vogue Allure, Elle and GQ.

Recent News

Let Your Hair Accessorize You this Holiday Season

Don't Let Your Hair Wear You! This holiday season stand out from the crowd in a good way. Get the right color and style so all those selfies and instagram posts and snaps have jaws dropping for the better. Both men and women are going for the “natural/underdone” look...

Clients Not Customers

My goal when coloring is to focus on creating a look for each client. Many people in the industry have customers, I have clients. It's not just about what's in, but more about making a look fit each individual. I want my clients to look great, but also feel the way...

Do You Want Wavy Hair?

Sun kissed highlights and wavy flowing beachy curls. You too can have the, just stepped off the beach look,that runway models gracefully display. Color Make sure to manage the growth of new hair with already colored hair. We want to frame and accentuate previous...